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Landscaping Reynoldsburg, OH

Get Financed At Flawless Landscaping & Tree Service, we treat each landscaping job that we handle as serious business. For over a decade now, we have worked on some pretty challenging yet highly rewarding projects that saw us digging deep into our experience to provide the results that clients expected.

Whether you’re in Reynoldsburg, New Albany, Columbus, or Upper Arlington, you can always rely on our services. We perform a thorough check of your property to determine what needs to be done to make your landscape stand out. As we have done so many times in the past, we will use our expertise, logistics, and access to the best landscaping products and materials to give you the kind of outdoors you’ve been dreaming of.

We Are Ohio’s Landscaping Authority

Since we began servicing property owners in Reynoldsburg, OH and other major cities in the state, we have built a solid portfolio that includes both residential and commercial landscapes. Our people have performed various landscaping services for property owners of large estates, hotels and resorts, commercial spaces, and private residences across the state. We have managed to make plain-looking outdoors extraordinarily beautiful and functional with the services that we offer. Consequently, we became one of Ohio’s most trusted landscapers with a solid track record to boot.

High Quality Plantings for an Extraordinary Landscape

No Ohio landscape can ever be called complete without native plantings installed. And with resident horticulturists in our staff, we can carefully and rightfully select the right plant species to meet your requirements. You may choose from any of the following plantings:

Landscaping Reynoldsburg, OH
  • Annuals, ferns, and perennials. Annuals, ferns, and perennials are decorative plantings that are perfect for any type of landscaping project. Some of the varieties that we usually recommend to our clients in Reynoldsburg and surrounding areas include wild hyacinth, lady fern, wild ginger, bunchberry, butterfly weed, and wintergreen.

  • Shrubs. Shrubs are ideal companions to trees and other plantings for their striking beauty and miniature size. Accordingly, we can install native Ohio shrubs, such as speckled alder, silky dogwood, spicebush, hop tree, bayberry, and the like.

  • Trees. Trees are considered fixtures in any landscape, and we have access to all native species, such as swamp white oak, red maple, yellow birch, black walnut, flowering dogwood, and many others. The choice of whether to go for an ornamental or a shade generally depends on your preference. But whatever your chosen tree species may be, rest assured that we can supply them to you.

  • Ground cover. If you’re looking for a type of planting that can make your lawn or landscape standout, one alternative is to install ground cover. You may opt for any of the following ground cover: Canadian wild ginger, variegated Bishop’s weed, shiny leaf ginger, and others.

Other Landscaping Elements that We Recommend

Landscaping Reynoldsburg, OH To make your landscape more stunning, functional, and safer, we recommend installing the following elements:

  • Water features – Pools, ponds, bird baths, and waterfalls
  • Fire amenities – Fire pits and fireplaces
  • Outdoor living amenities – Patios, gazebos, and outdoor kitchens
  • Hardscapes – Retaining walls, steps, sitting walls, and walkways

Our Landscaping Credentials

Our company possesses all the needed qualities that a landscaper should have. We have industry certifications and memberships, certified and experienced personnel, creative designers, complete tools and equipment, and access to the finest materials. All these ultimately make us truly capable of handling any landscaping tasks.

Call us today at 614-402-4807.

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